Specto holds Advanced Presentations module ‘Train the Trainer’ virtual workshop

Photograph of of trainer leading an online 'Train the Trainer' session for Specto

Specto, the ICDL operator in Jordan, conducted an Advanced Presentations ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop for 26 schoolteachers and trainers in June using the Zoom platform. Lasting six hours in total, spread over three days, the purpose of the workshop was to enable the teachers and trainers offer the Advanced Presentations module to their students.

It is to be noted that more than 30 schools in Jordan have adopted ICDL for their students, and some of them already teach advanced and specialised ICDL modules. This workshop was designed to increase the adoption of ICDL Advanced modules by schools. Furthermore, with little activity ongoing due to Covid-19 pandemic, Specto is using this as a moment to strengthen and expand the adoption of ICDL by its partners.

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