Digital certificates drive recognition of new ICDL identity in Ireland

Tens of thousands of ICDL Digital Certificates have been issued to successful candidates in Ireland since June this year. ICDL Ireland launched the innovative new digital certificates earlier this year and has used them as a key part of their campaign to introduce the new ICDL brand to Ireland.

As part of that campaign, past ECDL holders were invited to claim their ICDL Digital Certificate. The certificate allows people to access and share their ICDL record instantly.

ECDL is now known as ICDL in Ireland, and a number of other countries around Europe. All existing ECDL certificates remain valid, in Ireland and elsewhere, but ICDL Ireland is encouraging successful ECDL certificate holders to update their certificate to the new ICDL brand with a digital certificate. If you have an ECDL certificate issued in Ireland, you can still register your request for a digital certificate on the website of ICDL Ireland.

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