Silicon Lake Vocational College in China introduced ICDL modules for its students to gain higher course credits

Silicon Lake Vocational and Technical College is the first institute in City of Suzhou to join in the bandwagon, in correspondence to the call of the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department in encouraging their vocational students to actively take up international certifications. The department hope that the students can upskills themselves and improve their employability rate through ICDL Certification programs.

On 10 January 2019, AMI Educational Technology (ICDL Test Centre) signed an agreement to commence on the project initiative whereby ICDL Modules will be opened to close to 5600 students in the school. According to the needs of future employment skills required by students from different majors, corresponding courses of digital applied skills will be tailored. Silicon Lake Vocational and Technical College will grant higher credits to students who have completed their studies and obtained ICDL certificates through examinations.

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