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CESI recently launched a Computer Science Community of Practice in partnership with Google and the Association of Teachers’/Education Centres in Ireland (ATECI).

The expected membership of the CoP will be educators representing all regions of Ireland and will nurture practice-led collaboration at local levels between teachers, schools, universities and industry, and support teachers in the introduction of Computer Science, including Computational Thinking and coding. CESI sees as a critical priority the need for appropriate and sustainable teacher education, both formal and informal, which will be vital to making a success of this initiative.

Why should you come to a local meeting?

The initial regional events will give you a chance to address personal needs, build relationships with other stakeholders and discuss issues relating to the development and practice of computing in education. We will also workshop an activity to develop personal knowledge of computing and computational thinking.

If you are interested to know more, contact Richard Millwood at

If you would like to attend a local meeting, please click

About CESI

The Computers in Education Society of Ireland (CESI) is a teacher professional network for anyone with an interest in the potential of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for all involved in education.

CESI was founded in 1973 and has always been prepared to adapt to a speedily changing landscape. Online technology has enabled the society to overcome the twin barriers to participation (distance and time) and facilitated the development of a strong community online. Earlier this year CESI welcomed the announcement of the intended introduction of Computer Science (CS) as a Leaving Certificate Subject. Since then great work has been done by the NCCA Development team with a draft syllabus published in early summer and ongoing consultation taking place.

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