ICDL Africa talk at the Annual General Meeting of heads of church secondary & primary schools 2019 – Tanzania

On behalf of ICDL Africa, the ICDL Africa Manager in Tanzania, was invited to talk

On behalf of ICDL Africa, the ICDL Africa Manager in Tanzania, was invited to talk

to over five hundred head teachers of secondary and primary schools who were attending an annual general meeting of heads of church schools. The meeting was organized by Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC).

Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) is an ecumenical body jointly established by Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) and Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) in 1992 to facilitate social services with the focus on education and health services provided by member churches.

CSSC has an education department that aims to introduce ICDL programme to both regional directors and heads of schools under their commission to encourage them to adopt ICDL for their ICT trainings. The opportunity has created massive awareness and strong visibility with the new ICDL branding across all regions in Tanzania in the Education sector.

The ICDL Africa Manager in Tanzania, focused on the need of schools equipping teachers with skills on using ICT in the classroom, to be able to reap the benefits of digital learning.

An MOU will be signed between ICDL Africa and CSSC. The MoU will allow ICDL Africa to start engaging with CSSC regional directors with the purpose of carrying out an assessment to determine how many schools meet ICDL minimum requirements to start training in terms of resources. The board of management at CSSC will decide on how to start implementing ICDL in the schools in 2020.


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