Secure User Package for FET Students

Are users an organisation’s greatest weakness?

ICDL Ireland, along with The Irish Computer Society and the Association of Data Protection Officers, has launched a set of complementary modules designed to inform workers of the dangers of individual user error and resultant data breaches.

ICS Secure User Certification comprises of two courses: IT Security and Data Protection. These two courses are both included in the free eLearning that FET centres can offer to students. Certification is available for students who wish to have proof of their learning. Therefore, this is a perfect package to offer students who are working or looking for a job and are expected to comply with GDPR in the workplace.

Surveys of IT Managers and Data Protection Officers show that the most common cause of data and security breaches are the accidental and inadvertent actions of users. No current technology can safeguard against user error.*

ICS Secure User combats weaknesses in staff knowledge of their responsibility for data privacy and IT security.

Teach students to protect their current and future employers from common threats. Build their understanding of their important role in safeguarding personal data.

– Unlimited Assessment Tests
– Unlimited Practice Tests ensure your employees can confidently sit the certification test
– eLearning, online assessment tools and an internationally recognised certification
– Regular online webinar support from privacy and security experts
– Anytime, anywhere access for learners and admins

– eLearning is simple, fast and free to offer to students
– Engaging and interactive course
– A consistent standard for data protection and security
– Incontrivertible evidence should organisations be audited by the Data Protection Commissioner
– Certification on offer for students to prove their new skills

If your FET centre would like to find out more about offering the Secure User Package to students, feel free to contact us.

T: 01 23 777 99

*Annual Survey of the Association of Data Protection Officers 2012 – 2016

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