ECDL Romania expands 3D printing hubs to 10 high schools, reaches over 800 students

Ten new 3D printing hubs are being activated in Romanian high schools as part of the fourth edition of the 3DUTECH project. The project works to create the craftspeople of the future. With this expansion, the network will grow to 40 3D printing hubs with 80 teachers, each of whom will hold ECDL 3D Printing certification, reaching over 800 high school students.

3DUTECH was launched at an online event on 21 January, with representatives from the Ministry of Education, business and academia. During the launch event, participants discussed the new skills that young people will need for future jobs and ECDL Romania announced the forthcoming launch of the ICDL Robotics module in the country.

ECDL 3D Printing is a module developed by ECDL Romania and endorsed by ICDL Foundation. You can find more information about 3DUTECH on the project’s website.

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