First ACCA teaser class in Singapore introduced ACCA-ICDL certified ICT programmes to accounting professionals

Since the signing of MOU between ICDL Asia, ACCA Singapore and Kaplan Singapore in March 2018, ACCA Singapore initiated the first ACCA Teaser class on 16 July 2018. The class is jointly organised with Kaplan Singapore to increase awareness and application of existing and emerging digital technologies essential for professionals in accountancy and finance; increasing their capabilities, practices, strategies and understanding emerging culture of digitalisation in their profession.

Near to 50 professional accountants from across various industries attended the class with introduction of the 4 selected ICDL Modules, building anticipation and understanding on what they can expect to benefit from this. The event was well-received by enthusiastic attendees, involving group activities relating to the module selected.

Kaplan Singapore has published the ACCA-ICDL class schedule on their website and is expecting a good number of candidates to sign up this year.