5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

In this post we will look at the different techniques companies now use to increase productivity in the workplace. Nowadays it is simply not enough to have a job where you go in 9 – 5, get paid at the end of the week and not worry about your performance. Your workforce, however large or small, has to be driven by efficiency and targets that produce tangible results that you can account for.

Low motivation and poor productivity are bound to affect a business and jeopardise its sustainability.

Let’s have a look at the ICDL Workforce Top 5 Tips to Improve Productivity:

#1. Focus on achievements rather than jobs

Achievements mean more to employees than simply just finishing the daily tasks or assignments. A survey in 2013 showed that 83% employees felt that recognition of the work they did was more rewarding than an actual gift of any kind. Obviously paying employees well is a great way of recognising their hard work. Saying that 70% of employees said that the most meaningful recognition had no monetary value.

#2. Real-time Feedback

This is another crucial way to increase productivity workplace. Some working environments can go from one end of the year to the next without giving their staff any feedback on how they are doing. An active feedback mechanism, aligned with goals and objectives are essential to help employees flourish and have the assurance that they are doing a good job.

#3. Make Work Worthwhile

Creating an environment in which employees are engaged and actually want to come to is so important to productivity and creativity.

According to a study by Deloitte University, meaningful work is a big factor in engagement and productivity. The study has shown that fun perks such as a place for rest and recreation, treats such as fruit or ice-cream, and fun office competitions drive engagement and thus productivity in employees.

#4. Be flexible.

The actual workplace today doesn’t need to be in the same building, with so many ways of communicating with your staff, remote working arrangements are becoming effective means of improving efficiency and at the same time reducing the cost of office overheads.

Would you believe a study from the Harvard Business Review proved that those who work from home are 13.5% more productive, that equates to a whole additional work day of productivity in a single week!

Flexibility when it comes to working hours also enables greater performance. The traditional 9 to 5 does not suit everyone. Some people are early birds who like to be up at the crack of dawn others like to work late, so create somewhere they can do so.

#5. Train, Train and Retrain

Is the problem of inefficiency within your workforce largely down to poor digital skills? Assess the capabilities of your staff using ICDL Workforce and devise a training plan targeting the boring, time-consuming jobs and then provide the interactive eLearning for them to upskill to do more interesting and valuable work.

ICDL Workforce is a comprehensive way for your staff to increase productivity and reduce the time wasted with support and IT. ICDL has been proven to significantly enhance an organisation’s internal and external communications. For more information see icdl.ie/workforce or contact info@icdl.ie today.

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