The National Bank of Rwanda (Central Bank of Rwanda) Staff train in ICDL

The National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) strives to be a world class Central Bank that contributes to economic growth & development, by using robust monetary policy tools to maintain stable market prices. The Bank ensures financial stability in a free-market economy as it embraces innovations, diversity, inclusiveness, and economic integration.

The Bank is charged with ensuring price stability and a sound financial system for the country. With the staff of more than 400, BNR regulates other commercial banks, microfinances, and insurance companies.

In partnership with the Central Bank, ICDL Africa conducted a Pilot Assessment in Digital Skills for 103 staff from across all departments in the bank spread out in all 5 provinces of the Country in 2017.

The ICDL Compass assessment was conducted because the management of BNR recognized a need for training its staff but they needed to know the Digital Skills proficiency levels of their staff to make an informed decision on the training needs. A decision was taken to have the staff trained in ICDL Programme and the HR department at BNR started working on a training plan for this to be implemented.

The Central Bank in partnership with ICDL Africa started training of 15 NBR staff on 2nd February 2021. The selected staff are training in 16 ICDL Modules for a period of 4 months given they have other responsibilities. The training was initially planned to be in physical classroom setting but due to COVID-19, it was agreed that an online training be used. After the training, the 15 staff members will take the Train-the-Trainer program and will be tasked to train the rest of the BNR staff.  BNR will be accredited as an ATC once the training has concluded so that all training and testing will be under the institution.

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