A complete digital skills solution for schools

This past 18 months has shown the importance of digital skills for all students. So if you are looking for an all-inclusive package to certify your students in the skills and confidence to use technology, ICDL can help.

Young woman smiling holding laptop in a library setting.

ICDL offers certification in your choice of 25 subjects covering all aspects of digital competence, from presentations to image editing, artificial intelligence to digital marketing. Our course content has been designed for your students and our brand new product set and admin system have been designed to make it simple to adminster.

Use ICDL to enable students to embrace the digital world safely so that they can be creative, collaborate, analyse and communicate. Our brochure gives you details on our wide module set.

ICDL is a completely flexible programme which means you can implement it as you wish. Whether that’s as a short course during Transition Year or threaded throughout the curriculum to develop skills as they learn.

Our new ICDL Profile Pack gives your students everything they need to develop their digital skills for the duration of their time at your school.

For over twenty years ICDL Ireland has been a trusted partner to schools across the country in giving students a real-world, employer recognised certification in digital skills. Our References brochure showcases the global recognition of ICDL and applications of the programme worldwide.

ICDL Ireland would be very happy to discuss the benefits of the ICDL Profile Pack. So get in touch today with Business Development Manager Claudia Delaney on 086 046 5666 or by email at claudia.delaney@icdl.ie to get your students started.

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