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Junior Cycle

Fundamental digital skills for Junior Cycle students

ICDL Digital Student Essentials – Essential digital skills required for school and life

Transition Year

Provide students with a digital path to success in Senior Cycle and beyond.

The ‘Future Ready’ profile equips students with essential skills crucial for success in both higher education and the workforce.

By mastering collaboration and productivity tools students cultivate capabilities vital in academic projects and professional settings. Exposure to artificial intelligence fosters a tech-savvy mind-set and prepares students for the transformative impact of AI on existing and future job roles. Successfully completing the six modules marked* ensures students have achieved the ICDL Digital Skills Standard required for the workplace. Below are two example timetables, one to suit a 10 week schedule and one for a 30 week schedule, however schools may choose any module combination, contact us to discuss other options.

*Complete all 6 modules to achieve the ICDL Digital Skills Standard

Sample Timetables

Module NameClassesWeeks
Documents8Weeks 1 – 4
Presentation4Weeks 5-6
Spreadsheets8Weeks 7 – 10
Module NameClassesWeeks
Computer & Online Essentials6Weeks 1 – 3
Documents6Weeks 4 – 6
Teamwork4Weeks 7 – 8
Presentation4Weeks 9 – 10
Spreadsheets6Weeks 11 – 14
Cyber Security6Weeks 15 – 17
Artificial Intelligence6Weeks 18 – 20
Presentation (advanced)6Weeks 21 – 23
Using Databases6Weeks 24 – 26
Documents (advanced)8Weeks 27 – 30

The “Computer Science” profile provides students with a multifaceted advantage as they transition to college or the workforce. Coding and cutting-edge digital culture topics enhance critical thinking, lay a solid foundation for logical problem solving and equips students with a forward-thinking mind-set. Below are two example timetables, one to suit a 10 week schedule and one for a 30 week schedule, however schools may choose any module combination, contact us to discuss other options.

Sample Timetables

Module NameClassesWeeks
Coding Principles61 – 3
Artificial Intelligence64 – 6
Blockchain67 – 10
Module NameClassesWeeks
Artificial Intelligence6Weeks 1 – 3
Internet of Things (IoT)6Weeks 4 – 6
Cloud Computing6Weeks 7 – 9
Big Data8Weeks 10 – 12
Blockchain6Weeks 13 – 15
Coding Principles10Weeks 16 – 20
Cyber Security6Weeks 21 – 23
Data Analytics12Weeks 24 – 30

These modules equip students with essential digital skills for their TY mini company, work experience projects, or entrepreneurial endeavours. Students gain practical knowledge and hands on experience vital for navigating the online business landscape. By fostering collaboration, creativity, and project management skills, these modules prepare students not only for college but also for impactful roles in the digital economy. Our example timetables below illustrate the flexibility of ICDL, allowing you to combine modules that support and enhance other TY projects. We are always happy to discuss module combinations that work for your school. Just contact us by filling in the form below.

Sample Timetables

Module NameClassesWeeks
Presentation4Weeks 1 – 2
Digital Marketing8Weeks 3 – 6
E-Commerce8Weeks 7 – 10
Module NameClassesWeeks
Documents8Weeks 1 – 4
Presentation4Weeks 5 – 6
Spreadsheets8Weeks 7 – 10
Teamwork4Weeks 11 – 12
Digital Marketing6Weeks 13 – 15
E-Commerce8Weeks 16 – 19
Image Editing6Weeks 20 – 22
Financial Spreadsheets8Weeks 23 – 26
Documents (advanced)8Weeks 27 – 30
  • Digital Literacy: Digital literacy has become an essential competence, alongside traditional skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic, crucial for academic success and future careers.
  • Future Readiness: By attaining ICDL certification, students gain practical, job-relevant skills, making them more marketable and ready for the evolving workforce landscape.
  • Global Recognition: ICDL’s internationally recognized certification provides students with a credential acknowledged worldwide, enhancing their profile for higher education and employment opportunities.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: ICDL modules emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering students to navigate complex digital challenges and approach problem-solving in innovative ways.
  • Curriculum Integration: ICDL seamlessly integrates into school curricula, offering a structured framework that aligns with educational goals and ensures students are well-prepared for the digital demands of the modern world.
  • Preparation for Lifelong Learning: ICDL not only addresses immediate digital skill needs but also instills a foundation for continuous learning, preparing students for a lifetime of adapting to emerging technologies and evolving digital landscapes

ICDL’s complete online solution

eLearning & eBooks

E-learning and ebooks have revolutionised education by providing convenient, cost-effective, and flexible learning opportunities. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, these digital formats eliminate the need for physical materials, reducing costs and promoting sustainability. Students can reinforce their learning, at their own pace, with interactive features enhancing engagement. The up-to-date content ensures relevance, particularly in fast-evolving fields.
Portability on digital devices enhances convenience, and features like customisation and collaboration foster personalised and interactive learning experiences. Overall, ICDL E-learning and ebooks redefine school education, providing cost-effective, dynamic, and accessible learning resources tailored to diverse student needs.

Diagnostic Assessments

Practice makes perfect. ICDL’s Diagnostic Assessments allow the student to work through test questions, before taking the certification test. It is recommended that students should not progress to the certification test until they have achieved 80% in the diagnostic test.

Certification Tests

Skillsbox, ICDL’s online testing platform is hosted online in a secure environment and provides a complete online solution for student management and administration, making setting up students, assigning modules and running test session easy.

Digital Badges & Certificates

ICDL Digital Badges and certificates are automatically generated when a student passes a module.

Digital credentials bring numerous benefits in the modern era, promoting easy access online and eliminating paper usage for environmental sustainability. These digital badges and certificates, with built-in verification, enhance trust, offer real-time updates on skills, and reduce the risk of fraud. They seamlessly integrate with technology, allowing individuals to showcase skills on various online platforms, contributing to a greener, more efficient, and dynamic representation of qualifications in the digital age.

Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation is a method of conducting ICDL certification tests online, allowing students to take the tests remotely while maintaining a secure and monitored environment. Through advanced technology, students are able to complete their ICDL exams from the comfort of their own location, with a remote invigilator overseeing the process. This innovative approach ensures the integrity of the examination process by employing various security measures, including live monitoring, screen recording, and periodic checks, to verify the identity of the student and prevent any potential cheating or unauthorized assistance. ICDL Remote Invigilation offers flexibility and accessibility, enabling individuals to demonstrate their digital proficiency in a controlled and secure online environment.

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Commonly asked questions for schools

If you have a question, please check our FAQs for schools below and if you can’t find the information you are looking for, submit a contact form and we will be in touch.

ICDL stands for International Certification of Digital Literacy. It is a globally recognized certification that validates essential digital skills and competence in using computer applications.

ICDL certification ensures that students acquire the fundamental digital skills required in school, as well as enhancing their employability and preparing them for further study and the digital demands of the modern workplace.

ICDL is suitable for students of various age groups and educational levels, from primary to higher education. It is designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of digital proficiency.

ICDL offers complete flexibility for teachers to choose from a wide range of modules to meet the needs of their students. Mix and match any number of modules from any programmes to meet curriculum objectives or complement school projects.

Group modules to fit into a timetable or offer our brand new Insights modules to generate interest in further study or a career in computer science. Our modules are the perfect length for short courses too. Examples of profiles offered by other schools by age range.

ICDL Certification Tests are typically conducted online via our custom-built automated test system, Skillsbox. Skillsbox manages the whole process, from assessments, learning and certification and is easy to set up and manage ICDL tests are designed to evaluate both theoretical knowledge and practical application of digital skills.

Yes, ICDL is recognized and accepted globally. It provides a standardized measure of digital competence that is acknowledged by employers and educational institutions around the world.

Yes, ICDL is flexible and can be integrated into existing curricula. Schools can choose to offer ICDL as a standalone program or incorporate specific modules into relevant subjects.

ICDL provides schools with comprehensive resources, including curriculum materials, teacher training, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth implementation process.

The duration depends on the specific modules chosen and the pace of the students. We have provided some example class schedules which fit easily into 1 semester or 1 academic year however modules can be spread across multiple years depending on your school’s requirements and timetable.

Students will need an internet-enabled device (laptop, Chromebook etc.) with internet browser to access the eLearning portal to complete the eLearning modules.

Students will need an internet-enabled Windows computer or laptop with internet browser to successfully complete the certification tests.

Skillsbox, ICDL’s automated testing system makes it easy for teachers to monitor student progress. Schools can view individual and class progress with learning materials, diagnostic assessment scores and certification test scores in the Skillsbox dashboard.

Yes, ICDL offers professional development opportunities for teachers, including training sessions, workshops, and access to online resources to ensure that educators are well-equipped to deliver the program effectively.

Skillsbox, ICDL’s automated testing System makes student management easy. Schools can easily assign modules to students and allocate learning materials from the online dashboard. Certification test sessions are also set up and managed in Skillsbox. Training is provided to schools prior to commencing ICDL with students.

Students who successfully complete the required modules receive an ICDL digital badge and certificate, officially recognizing their digital competence. The certification process involves passing a certification test for each selected module. The pass mark is 75% and over.

ICDL does not have a strict minimum age requirement. The certification is designed to accommodate students of varying age groups, starting from primary school students.

There is one simple fee per student based on the number of modules selected. Schools can contact us for detailed pricing information.

Schools can initiate the process by contacting us. We will provide guidance on program options, resources, and the steps required to integrate ICDL into the school curriculum.

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