ICDL Africa is a subsidiary of ICDL Foundation, the not-for-profit certifying authority of ICDL.

ICDL Africa, a subsidiary of the ICDL Foundation, serves as the not-for-profit certifying authority for the globally recognized International Computer Driving License (ICDL). This certification validates essential digital skills and proficiency in computer applications, offering a standardized benchmark for individuals worldwide.

The significance of ICDL in Africa is pivotal, acting as a catalyst for digital literacy, economic development, and social inclusion. Backed by endorsements from international organizations, corporations, and governments, ICDL prepares individuals for the challenges and opportunities of the digital era. Through strategic partnerships and unwavering advocacy, ICDL actively contributes to the construction of a digitally empowered Africa.

ICDL’s impact on the continent is palpable through its integration into education systems, providing a valuable tool for both formal education and lifelong learning. With support from international bodies, corporations, and governments, ICDL plays a crucial role in bridging the digital divide, offering accessible training programs that ensure inclusivity and empowerment across diverse backgrounds. The program’s significance is further underscored by success stories, partnerships, and endorsements from UNESCO and governmental organizations. ICDL Africa, established to guide ICDL standards in the African context, manages the accreditation of a growing network of ICDL Accredited Test Centers (ATCs) and forms partnerships aligned with national economic development and capacity-building goals. The quality and reputation of ICDL, built on over twenty-five years of experience and innovation, solidify its position as a leader in digital certification programs, with over 17 million people certified in over 40 languages worldwide. Ongoing innovation, rigorous test design methodologies, and unwavering commitment to quality assurance standards maintain ICDL’s success in advancing digital literacy and socio-economic development.

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Meet the ICDL Africa team

ICDL Africa team is based in Kigali Rwanda. We are part of ICDL Foundation, the global governing body for ICDL. We work with partners across Africa and also directly manage a network of ICDL Accredited Test Centers in several territories.

ICDL Africa

Career Center Building | KG 541 ST,

9th Floor– PO Box 3974

Kigali, Rwanda


Tel +250 788380102

General Manager
Solange Umulisa

Solange Umulisa is a visionary leader serving as the General Manager at ICDL Africa. With a wealth of experience in organizational management, Solange provides strategic direction and oversees the implementation of ICDL’s mission in Africa. Her leadership ensures the organization’s continued growth and impact

Regional Manager

Peter Maina

Peter Maina is a seasoned Regional Manager at ICDL Africa, responsible for overseeing operations and strategic initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa region. With a wealth of experience in regional management, Peter ensures the successful implementation of ICDL programs and the growth of the organization in Africa.

Regional Manager
joseph Mugisha

Joseph Mugisha, as the Regional Manager, oversees the effective implementation of ICDL programs in French-speaking territories. His role involves coordinating regional initiatives, ensuring alignment with ICDL’s goals, and facilitating the expansion of digital skills.

Company Accountant
Theoneste Rwandekeye

Theoneste Rwandekeye is a seasoned finance professional serving as the Company Accountant at ICDL Africa. With expertise in financial management, Theoneste ensures the financial health of the organization and the smooth operation of corporate services.

Market Development Manager

Ritah Tusabe Gasana

Ritah Tusabe Gasana is a dynamic Market Development Manager at ICDL Africa. With a strategic approach to market expansion, Ritah leads initiatives to identify and capitalize on business opportunities, contributing to the organization’s growth and increased market share.

Market Development Executive
Buzhen Mwesigwa

Buzhen Mwesigwa, a proactive Market Development Executive at ICDL Africa, plays a key role in expanding ICDL’s reach. His strategic approach and market insights contribute significantly to the organization’s growth and increased influence.

Marketing and Communications Executive
Bernard Rwagasore

Bernard Rwagasore, the Marketing and Communications Executive at ICDL Africa, brings creativity and strategic thinking to his role. He leads marketing initiatives, crafting compelling messages and implementing effective communication strategies to enhance ICDL’s visibility and reputation.

Application Support Lead – Skillsbox

Sam Gildas Humuriza

Sam Gildas Humuriza is an accomplished Application Support Lead at ICDL, specializing in supporting the Skillsbox application. His expertise in IT Service Delivery Management ensures the seamless functionality of ICDL applications, contributing to the success of ICDL’s initiatives.

E-learning Content Developer
Fred Ntambara

Fred Ntambara is a dedicated E-learning Content Developer at ICDL Africa. With a focus on creating compelling and educational content, Fred contributes significantly to the success of ICDL’s e-learning initiatives.

Software Developer
Daniel Mugisha

Daniel Mugisha, a highly skilled Software Developer at ICDL Africa, specializes in creating cutting-edge software solutions. His expertise ensures the reliability and efficiency of ICDL’s digital platforms, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Junior Software Developer

Elisa Niyonkuru

Elisa Niyonkuru is a proficient Junior Software Developer at ICDL Africa. With a solid foundation in software development, Elisa contributes to the creation and enhancement of ICDL’s digital ecosystem.

Assessment & Test Developer
Anderson Ndatimana

Anderson Ndatimana, as an Assessment and Test Developer at ICDL Africa, possesses a wealth of experience in crafting rigorous assessments that adhere to ICDL standards. His commitment to maintaining the integrity of certification processes ensures the continual improvement and reliability of ICDL programs.

Assessment & Test Developer
Jean Pierre Ngabonziza

Jean Pierre Ngabonziza is a meticulous Assessment & Test Developer at ICDL Africa. His attention to detail ensures the accuracy and relevance of assessments, contributing to the continuous improvement of ICDL certifications.

Technical Support Specialist
Axel Kayonga

Axel Kayonga serves as a Technical Support Specialist at ICDL Africa, offering invaluable technical expertise to guarantee seamless operations. Axel is dedicated to troubleshooting and problem-solving, ensuring that clients and internal teams receive top-notch technical support for a smooth ICDL experience.

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