The Nigerian Minister for Education approves ICDL as the National standard for Computer Literacy in the Ministry for Education and for the Education Sector

At the launch of the Computer Acquisition Scheme (an integral part of Nigeria’s Roadmap for the Education Sector), the Honourable Minister Prof. (Mrs.) R. Rufa’i firstly acknowledged that ICT has, “…become the language for survival in the world today and the bedrock of the development of any nation”, and she recognised the need to fast-track the integration of ICT in education.

Through this Roadmap for Education, the Ministry intends to substantially boost the levels of digital literacy among teachers and educators, from Primary to Tertiary level – with the aim of 100% of Third Level being digitally literate by 2011. These measures are targeted at ensuring availability of, and access to ICT infrastructure and services, and at improving human capacity building.
ICDL has been officially approved by the Ministry as the best means to modernise the Nigerian education sector, and as the national standard of digital literacy for Ministry of Education employees.

Thousands of candidates from the Ministry of Education, and from state schools and colleges (including several visually impaired candidates from the Ministry) have so far been provided with ICDL Training.

According to the Minister, “…it is our hope that staff who have been trained (in ICDL) would take advantage of this to complete their accreditation examinations and obtain the internationally recognised certification, which is guaranteed to improve their efficiency on the job”.

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