ACE schools championing the ICDL program in Uganda

Several Accelerated Christian education-based schools in Uganda have taken ICDL Programme as the standard for digital literacy. This as we target more of the institutions in the education sector. Some of the pioneer schools in Uganda include:

  1. Asifiwe International Academy

Asifiwe International Academy (AIA) is a school running the ACE (accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum in Kampala. It subscribes to AEE (Accelerated Education Enterprise) which provides instructional material and guidance to the running of the academy. 

Early in 2019, the school joined ICDL with the objective of having every student at the school trained and certified in at least eight modules of ICDL. The first enrolment saw the registration of one hundred and thirty six (136) students from both Pre-school, middle and High school. This number will gradually increase as the enrolment increases at the school level.

The school has not stopped at registering students on ICDL only; the administration has embarked on a very ambitious project of constructing a state-of-the-art computer lab that will serve all the students in the school and the general public especially when the students are on holiday.

Asifiwe has joyfully integrated ICDL into its curriculum and now every student who will be graduating from the school will be required to have obtained an ICDL certificate. The school has also encouraged all the teachers to enroll for ICDL Programme so that they can benefit by obtaining the skills covered.

  • Friends International Christian Academy

Friends International Academy (FICA) is a mission school located in Kyanja, Kampala. The school operates under the International curriculum: Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) from grade 1 to grade 12.

In 2019, the administration decided to enroll the school for the ICDL programme with the aim of training and certifying all their students in ICDL.  

The first enrolment saw the registration of 81 students from both Pre-school, middle and High school. This number has been gradually increasing with the demand of the ICDL services at FICA.

Early 2020, the school purchased state of the Tech computers to help the students access the training and certification in ICDL with a great user experience. The centre has so far graduated about twelve (12) students in Middle school and High school.

The school has also embarked on the training the staff so that they are up to speed in matters technology.

  • Orchard International Christian School

Orchard International Christian School (OICS) is a private Christian International school using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum in Kampala. The School provides students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher relationships.

The story of Orchard and ICDL has been an amazing journey of dedication to equip all their students and the general public with digital skills. The school joined ICDL in 2019 with over 50 students.

In 2020, the school’s student enrolment has grown, this means the number of students to study ICDL has also gone up.

The school administration has been very supportive when it comes to offering ICDL to the students and the community. After their accreditation, the school administration purchased modern computers with high specs and iPads for students and teachers to catch up with the demands of the digital world.

  • Shoma Christian Academy

Shoma Christian Academy is located in the heart of Ntinda –a suburb of Kampala. The school aims at delivering affordable individualized learning that gears towards mastery and holistic learning. The five-year-old school has grown very steadily and as one of the pioneer ACE schools to join ICDL, Shoma stood out from the rest.

With a first enrolment of up to forty (40) students, the school has since grown in numbers and capacity to deliver ICDL trainings that recently they launched ICDL training awareness at Kyambogo University. The aim was to create awareness among the university students the need to upskill in the technology world if they are to meet the market demands of the twenty first century.   

The school is planning to graduate the twelve (12) students that have since completed seven (7) modules that are a requirement of the examining body of ACE. The goal of Shoma ICDL Centre is to train all students in digital skills and the general public starting with the nearest universities.

  • Chum International School

Chum international school is yet another ACE/British school located in the heart of Kampala city. However, beyond giving the pupils the academic training they need to get into high profiled jobs and be successful, the school also provides tailored programs like Music lessons and ICDL Programme to ensure excellence not only in academics but also in life and for eternity through Christian studies. 

In 2019, Chum International School joined ICDL with a commitment to train over fifty (50) students in the first year. That commitment has been honored and the school is in plans to graduate all the fifty (50) students by end of 2020.

The school has marketed the ICDL Programme offered atthe centre very well with the launch of ICDL campus at the school that saw over fifty (50) members of the public attend the skills evaluation exercise at the center including people  from the neighboring South Sudan.

The school has also launched an ambitious plan to offer training to technical school students that seek to upgrade their digital skills.  The centre has purchased over fifteen (15) laptops for all the teachers within the school to use for their study.

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