The Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post (ABSU-CEP)

Beninese Agency for the Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post (ABSU-CEP)

This is Government of Benin Agency whose main objective is to guarantee access for the poorest communities to telephone, internet and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, as well as basic postal and financial services. Its role is to contribute to the strengthening of human resources capacities in accordance with the development policy of Digital Skills

By becoming an ICDL Accredited Test Centre , ABSU-CEP is tasked to train and certify the Beninese administration staff, teachers , students, artisans and shopkeepers to ICDL (International Certification for Digital Literacy) digital skills standards.

The establishment of the ICDL Accredited Test Centre is part of the missions devolved to the Agency in the digital code, namely helping to strengthen digital skills.

A pilot training programme has started with the assessment and in the near future, the training of a thousand five hundred and forty (1540) civil servants will kick off. This will lead to a lager programme of more than thirty thousand (30,000) civil servants.  Currently, ABSU-CEP is managing sixty-two (62) active ICDL Certification Centers.

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