ICDL AFRICA signs Agreement with Benin Ministry of the Digital Economy and Communication

ICDL Africa met with Benin’s Minister of the Digital Economy and Communication, Aurélie Adam Soule Zoumarou, in May to sign an agreement to raise digital skills in the country.

During the meeting, Etinick Mutinda, General Manager of ICDL Africa, highlighted the importance of digital skills in promoting career development for young people, and the role of ICDL in raising levels of digital skills. He also noted a number of projects that are being implemented in Uganda with the support of sponsors, including the Mastercard Foundation, and the presence of ICDL in 17 countries in Africa.

The Minister enquired about requirements for implementing ICDL in schools for young pupils. Solange Umulisa, ICDL Africa Country Manager for Rwanda, noted that ICDL programmes such as Digital Citizen and Digital Citizen Plus would be relevant to both children, and older learners who have not previously used computers.

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