Worldwide E-Learning Campus trains some of the public institutions in Rwanda in ICDL programme.

Worldwide E-learning Campus (WEC) is a higher learning institution accredited by the Rwanda Higher Education Council (HEC) as a Polytechnic Institution. It’s accredited for Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing, and ICDL has been set mandatory before starting the program to better implement the Rwanda Government decision.

 Through the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, the Government of Rwanda has placed ICT as a central tool for its transformation and to facilitate its service delivery across all sectors. The Digital Transformation Department focuses on sector policy orientation and interpretation on ICT and Skills development. In Rwanda, it is mandatory to have ICDL certification in public service. The Ministry of ICT and Innovation collaborated with ICDL and other training organizations including the Worldwide E-learning Campus to train some staff from the public sector. 

WEC has completed the training of GMO (Gender Monitoring Office) and is currently training the National Identification Agency (NIDA) staff since November 2021 with a slight delay due to Covid-19. As of now, one group has been trained and been certified and the last one is expected to complete the training and certification in March 2022 as only 4 modules are remaining (Online Essentials, Computer Essentials, Online Collaboration, and IT Security). By the end of the training, WEC will have trained 17 GMO staff (completed) and 61 NIDA (National ID Agency) staff.

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