The Digital Economy and Society Index 2022 has been released

The European Commission has released the DESI report for 2022. DESI is the index that the European Commission produces to monitor member states’ digital progress on an annual basis.

DESI includes individual country profiles, showing analysis of progress against the key indicators as well as areas requiring priority action by member countries.

The Key Indicators are human capital, connectivity, integration of digital technology and digital public services.

DESI 2022 also includes a Women in Digital scoreboard, to assess member states’ inclusion of women in internet use, internet user skills and specialist skills and employment.

DESI reports for 2022 are based mainly on 2021 data and track the progress made during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Commission has found that “Member States have been advancing in their digitalisation efforts but still struggle to close the gaps in digital skills, the digital transformation of SMEs, and the roll-out of advanced 5G networks.”

Download the 2022 DESI and country profiles here on the European Commission website.

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