Mahidol University Thailand chooses ICDL to evaluate digital skills for students and staff

Mahidol University Thailand has conducted a series of ICDL Workforce Basics test sessions for students and university staff to enhance digital skills from July 14 to Aug 8, 2020. Students have taken online training sessions and could acquire up to 10 academic credits after passing the test successfully. 

Mahidol University is an accredited test centre of ICDL, located in Salaya, Thailand. Mahidol University is one of the best universities in Thailand. The ICDL test centre of Mahidol University is administered by the Chancellor’s Office, Information Technology Department. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the university adjusted ICDL training plan from offline computer lab training to online training to reduce the risk of pandemic distribution.  

To be prepared for Thailand 4.0, the university has chosen ICDL Workforce Basics to upskill students and staff to internationally recognised digital skills standard. ICDL Workforce Basics modules are recognised by the Thailand Professional Qualifications Institute (TPQI) and Ministry of Education.   

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