Long queue at ICDL booth at AGB Education Centre’s recent new age career exploration event in Singapore

18 Dec 2017 

AGB Education Centre, an Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Singapore, in partnership with KidZania, held the first ever New Age Career Exploration Experience event recently.

This unique event serves as a platform which enable AGB Education learners to experience working in different industries such as retail, security, environmental cleaning, healthcare, hospitality, and F&B first hand. It allows participants to embark on an eye-opening discovery pathway which involves real life role play and simulation of the actual workplace. Upon completing each job role, participants will earn KidZania currency points for various rewards. 

To enforce on the importance of ICT skills in workplace, job aspirants will also be required to take part in a Technology Base training session in a converted centre branded as “ICDL Training Centre”. The 10mins session gave a brief introduction to participants on the basic computer and tablet skills required to perform some of the job functions available at the event. This includes understanding the different parts of computer and tablets, typing skills, saving documents and more. 

Participants who completes the short training session will receive higher KidZania currency to emphasize that participants can potentially improve their level of employability and capability to capture a new career path with better digital skills.

More than 150 participants, largely AGB Education existing learners turned up for the event. Due to the positive response received, the complimentary four-hour evening event will now be held quarterly at KidZania in Sentosa.

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