ICDL officially announced in Italy

AICA, the Italian ICDL operator, officially announced the new ICDL programme in Italy on 10 May 2019, at the same time as ICDL Foundation launched ICDL in Europe at an event in Brussels.

The announcement was covered in articles in many Italian newspapers, and a first part of the new website, www.icdl.it, was created to introduce the new proposal.

The launch of the ICDL Digital Citizen, ICDL Digital Student, ICDL Workforce and ICDL Professional programmes attracted much interest in the test centers, schools and Italian media.

The first official presentation was carried out by ICDL Italia Manager, Carlo Tiberti, on 16 May 2019, during the Didamatica fair, to about 300 people.

The announcement was also well received online, with more than 40% of the approximately 6,000 emails sent being read and 1,800 visitors the website in the early days.

Finally, ICDL Italia social networks have begun a campaign about the fundamental transition from ECDL to ICDL, the certification that takes addresses the most recent European and international indications concerning the concept of ‘Digital Literacy’.

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