All Digital Weeks put focus on digital skills across Europe

March and April saw a focus on digital skills during All Digital Weeks, a series of events organized or coordinated by All Digital, an organization representing digital competence centres. The events, part of an annual series, were organised by All Digital member organisations across Europe and covered a wide range of digital skills topics including, digital inclusion, media literacy, DigComp and much more. ICDL Europe supported All Digital Weeks and we are a member of All Digital.

Of particular note during All Digital Weeks was the launch of DigComp 2.2. The new version of the EU’s Digital Competence Framework was launched during an online event featuring Ana Carrero of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment and Dr Riina Vuorikari, a Research Fellow at the EU’s Joint Research Centre.

You can find more information about all the events that took place during All Digital Weeks on the website of All Digital.

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