Updated DigComp 2.2 published by European Commission

The European Commission has published DigComp 2.2, incorporating key new areas such as AI, the internet of things, and teleworking. The update builds on previous versions of DigComp, the EU’s digital competence framework, which is designed to help define what digital competence means. The tool can be used in a wide range of situations, including the design and evaluation of digital skills training.

The DigComp framework is structured into a number of dimensions, as shown in the graphic below. The DigComp 2.2 update does not change the framework but introduces a new Dimension 5 with over 250 examples of, “Examples of the knowledge, skills and attitudes applicable to each competence”.

Dimension 1: Competence areaDimension 2: CompetenceDimension 3: Proficiency levelDimension 4: ExamplesDimension 5: Use cases
Information and data literacyEvaluating data, information and digital contentDefinition of skills across 8 levels from Foundation to Highly SpecialisedExamples of knowledge, skills and attitudesUse cases in Employment and Learning scenarios

ICDL has been mapped to DigComp, both internally by ICDL Foundation, and externally in independent research by UNESCO and UNICEF. The mapping exercises found that ICDL is very closely aligned with DigComp.

More information about DigComp and ICDL is available on our dedicated webpage. More information about DigComp 2.2 can be found on the website of the European Commission.

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