ICDL modules align with EU’s DigCompEdu framework

ICDL is closely aligned to DigCompEdu. The EU framework, which builds on the work done to create the more general DigComp digital competence framework, is designed to define digital competence for educators.

The internal mapping exercise, conducted by ICDL Foundation, compared the 22 individual DigCompEdu competences to ICDL syllabus items to identify where ICDL modules cover DigCompEdu. A similar methodology was used in our internal mapping of ICDL to DigComp, and this approach has also been adopted by independent external mappings of ICDL to DigComp, including by UNESCO.

DigCompEdu is composed of 22 individual competences, grouped into 6 competence areas: professional engagement, digital resources, teaching and learning, assessment, empowering learners, and facilitating learners’ digital competence.

The mapping exercise found that ICDL fully covers 18 of the 22 competences, and partially covered the remaining 4 competences. As a highly flexible modular certification, ICDL can be used in a wide range of circumstances, including, as highlighted by this mapping, teachers’ professional development.

The importance of teachers’ digital competences has been highlighted in the IEA’s 2018 International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) report, with the organisation’s Executive Director, Dr Dirk Hastedt saying, “Confidence, and crucially, competence, in the use of digital devices is of vital importance globally. It is essential that young people are taught these skills at schools, and that their teachers are well supported in delivering this bedrock of modern education.”

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