6 Sep 2018 – The annual ICDL Asia ATC Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand for the first time this year. The session was held at the C-Asean board room, attended by close to 50 representatives and partners from 10 territories.

Mr Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ICDL Foundation, and Ms Tina Wu, General Manager of ICDL Asia, presented the latest global updates and shared a few new directions and developments of ICDL with all our partners.

During this close door session, ICDL presented the awards to selected partners who displayed excellence while delivering and promoting ICDL programmes throughout the year.

The winners for this year are:

Operational Excellence Award:

  1. NTUC LearningHub
  2. Training Vision Institute

Operational Excellence award is given to the partner who has performed exceptionally and professional in delivering ICDL Programmes and Certification Tests to the public/organisations and to ICDL candidates.

Marketing Excellence Award:

  1. Eagle Infotech Consultants
  2. @Ask Training

Marketing Excellence award is given to the partner who has made notable efforts and hard work in promoting ICDL Programmes and Certification Tests through marketing, publicity and any other channels to increase brand awareness for ICDL.

ICDL Innovators:

  1. Kaplan Professional
  2. Mindpower Innovations

ICDL Innovator award is given to the partner who had successfully created/innovated new partnership ideas (by being the first) in promoting or advocating ICDL Programmes and Certification Tests.

Special Recognition:

  1. Royal Institute of Management
  2. ZBG Rising Star

Special Recognition effort is given to partner who has made notable efforts and hard work to advocate ICDL in their own territories and/or area of influences especially in new markets for ICDL Programmes.

ICDL Asia hopes to continue to hold the ATC forum in different territories every year to bring the event closer to more partners. We are glad to announce the ICDL Asia Annual ATC Forum will be held in Malaysia in 2019.

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