DLGI & German Federal Foundation for Data Protection assess first year of GDPR in Europe: gain for civil rights and competition

A new joint statement from the German Federal Foundation for Data Protection and DLGI (ECDL/ICDL Germany), the ICDL National Operator in Germany, draws positive conclusions about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation after its first year in force.

“Contrary to all the doctrines of the past, it has become clear that GDPR does not have to be a bureaucratic monster”, Frederick Richter, Director of the Data Protection Foundation, emphasises. He continued, “This requires good knowledge on the part of the people responsible and making all employees aware of basic rules of data protection.”

Thomas Michel, Director of ECDL/ICDL Germany, said, “Regardless of whether you are a manager or an intern, the GDPR must be basic knowledge for everyone. Fortunately, the knowledge of the GDPR with ICDL is not only available to companies, but also in school and training. This political initiative of the 30 European IT organisations is now recognised in over 100 countries worldwide and it would be great if the GDPR also spreads so successfully.”

Watch the statement of Frederick Richter on YouTube.

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