Bavaria extends agreement to use ICDL in schools

Bavaria is consistently following the path to digitisation in schools. The Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture has updated the framework agreement on the participation of school students in the ICDL certification.

Photograph of Kultusstaatssekretärin Anna Stolz (© StMUK/ Tobias Hase)
Kultusstaatssekretärin Anna Stolz (© StMUK/ Tobias Hase)

On the occasion of the extension of the framework agreement for the use of ICDL, State Secretary Anna Stolz explains, “The world is moving closer together thanks to digitisation. With ICDL, formerly also known as the European Computer Driving License, we give our students the opportunity to demonstrate their computer and internet skills with an internationally recognised certificate that they have acquired in the past months of the pandemic. ICDL can open doors – into the digital world and into professional life.”

Thomas Michel, Managing Director of DLGI, which operates ICDL in Germany, said, “We are proud that we were able to make our contribution to promoting digital skills in and outside of school even in times of ‘lockdown’ through online exams and our online learning platform, and we look forward to the continuation of our cooperation.”

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