Open University of China implements ICDL officially

Open University of China officially announced in November 2020 to implement ICDL programme. The university will launch the “ICDL International Digital Skills Vocational Training and Certification” project as a non-degree training project for 2020 Academic Year.

Open University of China is a national key university set up directly under the Ministry of Education of China. The university provides mostly Continuing Education and Training to the whole society, with more than 4 million students currently enrolled.  Empowered by information technology, the university provides both Degree Programmes and Non-degree Programmes through remote online training and face-to-face classroom-based teaching.

Open University of China will conduct a series of ICDL planning and implementation activities, including the appointment of dedicated staff, promotion to the students, development of course material, teachers training, set up the proper framework to support the learning and assessment, etc.  The university will ensure the programme will be implemented with high-quality standards for the learning and testing experience. Upon the successful completion of any ICDL module, students from Open University of China will receive both ICDL official certification and the  Non-degree Education Training certification officially issued by the university.  All the training centres of Open University of China will receive the detailed implementation plan from the head office in the coming weeks.

The official document of implementation issued by Open University of China


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