Italian ICDL operator elects new President

Renato Salvatore Marafioti was elected President of AICA, the Italian ICDL operator, in late January this year. He will serve a three year term.

With extensive experience in vocational ICT training and cyber security, Renato previously founded an organisation in Calabria, Format, that works to spread digital literacy and promote employability.

“The experience I have gained in over twenty years of activity in ICT, both with the Format cultural association, as well as in AICA, will allow me to bring a significant contribution to play in the leadership role AICA had in its first 60 years. My goal is to increase the visibility and image of AICA in Italy and abroad, enhancing its cultural and scientific mission; at the same time, I commit to work to increase the network of our Accredited Test Centres that represent our most important value, supporting them with a more market-oriented approach”.

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