ICDL is available in Japan: KJK joins ICDL as the first Japanese test centre

KJK joins ICDL Asia as the first ICDL Accredited Test Centre in Japan in October 2020.

KJK (Headquarter: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) was established in 2013 as a practical training and curriculum provider of nursing. As a pioneer provider of certification, qualification and diploma education, KJK has cooperated with 64 universities, vocational schools and business schools nationwide. KJK collaborates with organisations to improve the quality of nursing training and the environment of the industry. Recently, KJK has also been participating in a nursing curriculum development programme as a partner organisation in China.

ICDL programmes are available in Japan now. Mr Harumi Ito, Secretary-General of KJK, quoted,” Digitalisation is progressing in the nursing industry year by year. Nursing professionals need to be equipped with digital skills. It would be necessary for nursing professionals to acquire ICDL certification, which is the internationally recognised digital skills standard.” In Japan, there is an increasing number of overseas nursing trainees and interns from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries in recent years. Acquisition of ICDL certification would also be helpful for their re-employment after the period of stay in Japan ended.

Secretary-General of KJK: Mr Harumi Ito

Ms Tina Wu, General Manager of ICDL Asia, quoted, “We are pleased to welcome KJK as our first Accredited Test Centre in Japan, and we are more than happy to welcome Japan joining the ICDL global community. ICDL Asia hope more and more people could benefit from their ICDL journey in Japan!”

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