CEDF and Dell Technologies Launch “Upskilling Future Workforce for the Digital Economy” 2024 Project

China, March 5, 2024 – The China Education Development Foundation (CEDF), Dell Technologies, and the National Center for Educational Technology (NCET) jointly launched the “Upskilling Future Workforce for the Digital Economy” 2024 Project. The official launch conference marked the beginning of the fourth year of the project’s implementation in China. 

The conference, chaired by Mr. Zhao Lin, the Director of the Vocational Education Teaching Resources Division of the National Center for Educational Technology (NCET), saw the participation of notable attendees, including Mr. Ren XiaoHang, Deputy Chief of NCET, Mr. Sui Hongqi, Director of the Fundraising Department of CEDF, Ms. Jane Ma, CSR Manager of Dell Technologies China, Mr. Lan Xiaoyu, General Manager of ICDL China, Mr. Yang Yanjun, Professor of Nanchang University, Educational Technology Directors from Jilin, Anhui, Guangxi, and Chongqing provinces, as well as project leaders from 55 participating schools and representatives of ICDL China. 

Mr. Sui Hongqi, Director of the Fundraising Department of CEDF, revealed the success of last year’s project during his opening speech, highlighting that the project provided learning opportunities for 6,000 students and 10,000 industrial workers to upskill their digital skills through online courses. Additionally, it provided online and offline digital skills training and ICDL certification for 2,250 students and teachers from 50 vocational colleges and 614 industrial workers. He highlighted the government’s commitment to vocational education development and expressed optimism about the project’s ability to further enhance quality education and digital literacy among vocational college students and teachers. 

Ms. Jane Ma, CSR Manager of Dell Technologies China, also expressed her positive outlook towards the implementation and future development of the project. She commended the progress made over the past four years since the inception of the project and reaffirmed Dell Technologies’ commitment to playing an important role in supporting educational initiatives in partnership with CEDF and NCET. 

Mr. Ren Xiaohang, Deputy Chief of NCET, emphasised the project’s focus on integrating information technology into vocational education. The project has been achieving expected goals and providing rich experience, successfully implemented in 150 schools in 10 provinces and regions, benefiting 300 teachers and 7,150 students over the years. He then outlined the requirements for this year’s implementation and stressed the importance of prioritising teachers’ and students’ participation in the project activities, guidance from relevant industry experts factoring in the actual situation of the respective school and integrating the project into school-based teaching plans holistically. In addition, he urged that the Center for Educational Technology in each province should strengthen project management, ensuring timely understanding of progress implementation in schools to support the schools in resolving potential practical problems they may encounter during the project implementation. Through all parties’ joint efforts, he is confident the project will be successfully implemented and yield positive results. 

The conference also featured Mr. Jiang Buolun from the Vocational Education Development Division of NCET, who made specific deployments for this year’s project. Mr. Liu Tingyu, representing the ICDL China Project Management Center, introduced ICDL content and the advantages of the programs. The conference also included a keynote presentation on “Strategic Approach to Digital Literacy among Vocational College Educators and Students in the Digital Economy Era” by Professor Yang Yanjun from Nanchang University. 

In conclusion, the launch of the 2024 project marks another significant step towards enhancing vocational education and digital literacy in China. With the collaboration between CEDF, Dell Technologies, NCET, and ICDL, the project aims to provide valuable learning opportunities, upskill, and digital skills certifications for students and industrial workers in China. 

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