2020 Launch of ICDL in Brazil

The launch of ICDL in Brazil, thorough his local partner Digital Brick, is a highly anticipated event by local educational institutions, as it is one of the most renowned international digital certifications recognized by institutions around the world and which was not yet present in the country.

With approximately 7 million high school students (Ensino Medio)* and 6.5 million university students**, (of which 6.3 million in under graduate courses and 173 thousand in post graduation) ICDL will be launched in the city of São Paulo, the country cultural and economic center and then extended to other Brazilian cities.

In 2017, Brazil had 296 public and 2,152 private Higher Education Institutions (Instituições de Educação Superior (IES)) representing 87.9% of the total educational network. Of the public institutions, 41.9% are state-owned, 36.8%, federal and 21.3%, municipal.

It is important to remember the constant 7% growth of university freshmen in Brazil in the last decade, according to preliminary data from the census promoted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education **.

The project will not only be aimed at the training and certification of professionals and students but will also be an opportunity to reduce the social gap in accessing technology, which clearly emerged during the pandemic especially for younger students. The ICDL programme will also aim to ensure greater access to technology in education, to promote professional training and expand digital knowledge, all highly necessary due to the increasing need for home-office in all sectors of the economy.

*Source: Censo Escolar/INEP 2018.

** Fonte Assessoria de Comunicação Social do Inep Ministerio da Educação Censo da Educação Superior 2015

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