Specto revives ICDL programme in Yemen

Specto, the ICDL operator in a number of Arab states, has restarted marketing events in Yemen despite the difficult war, economic, and health situation in the country. The events have taken place in Sanaa, Aden, Dhamar and Ibb, with the aim of raising awareness of ICDL modules and the benefits they can offer, especially during the current difficult circumstances.

Photo of an ICDL candidate receiving his certificate at a test centre in Yemen.

The marketing events have a focus on digital skills for entrepreneurship that can help candidates work independently as freelancers and they shed light on the importance of obtaining the necessary digital skills demanded by the job market to increase employment opportunities.

The events, which took place on the premises of ICDL Accredited Test Centres, have been attended by the executive manager of the Skills Development Fund in Yemen, which plays a vital role in supporting the ICDL programme in the country. Further events will be held by Specto when possible.

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