Senator Mutinda launches ICDL Scholarships for E-Graders in Kenya!

Senator Tabitha Mutinda, the esteemed ICDL Africa ambassador in Kenya, recently inaugurated the ICDL scholarships for E-Graders, marking the commencement of a pioneering project aimed at offering a renewed opportunity to individuals who attained an E grade in their Secondary school examinations. This particular demographic often finds itself overlooked, but Senator Mutinda, fueled by her commitment to digital skills, underlined the importance of providing them a chance to obtain ICDL certification and embark on a promising journey.

The initiative is especially significant considering the substantial number of E-Graders in Kenya, a demographic poised to benefit significantly from the opportunities afforded by ICDL. Senator Mutinda highlighted the transformative power of digital skills, asserting that in today’s world, these skills are a decisive factor, transcending high school grades. Her impassioned plea resonated: “Digital skills are the game-changer in today’s world, regardless of high school grades. Let’s empower our youth to advance and thrive globally.”

Addressing the media, Senator Mutinda shared insights into her leadership perspective, acknowledging the societal gap that exists, particularly in education. Drawing from her own experience as a beneficiary of ICDL, she underscored the pivotal role that digital skills play, emphasizing their increasing significance amidst rapid technological advancements.

Peter Maina, the Regional Manager of ICDL, echoed the global relevance of ICDL certification, emphasizing its uniformity across countries. He stressed that a student undertaking ICDL in Kenya gains the same skills as their counterparts worldwide. Maina pointed out that successful economies have embraced ICDL, hinting at the potential for the Kenyan economy to flourish through the adoption of these essential digital skills.

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