THAILAND Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI)

The Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI) has endorsed ICDL as a global certification that will empower citizens and the digital workforce. ICDL Asia and TPQI signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2017, which official recognised ICDL as the national ICT standard for workplaces.

“To drive the government’s plans for a value-added economy, digital literacy is important for human resource development, especially for government workers and businesses,” said Virchai Srikajon, director of TPQI, a public organisation that promotes professional qualification systems.

ICDL is applied in the Digital Literacy Project of the Office of the Civil Services Commission (OCSC) to help government officers develop a digital skillset to work in the digital economy era. Under the agreement, ICDL Asia and TPQI will collaborate to offer ICDL to at least 15,000 civil servants and tertiary education students in the first year.

The agreement is in line with Thailand’s vision of embarking on a journey towards Digital Thailand 4.0, which envisions a digital transformation in the country. The national vision is to incorporate the use of technology into the market to enhance efficiency. ICDL certification will ensure that the digital skills of civil servants and future workers will reach the standards needed for this bold vision.

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