Kuala Lumpur Digital Skills Declaration

The Kuala Lumpur Digital Skills Declaration is a joint initiative by ICDL Asia and the University of Malaya. By invitation only, the declaration was participated by prominent companies who are committed to the continuous development of digital skills for the future digital workforce.

The declaration was held during the ICDL Asia Digital Literacy Day 2019 and was witnessed by YB Ms Teo Nie Ching, Deputy Minister of Education of Malaysia as well as Ms Catherine Alyward, Chargé d’Affairesfrom the Embassy of Ireland, Malaysia.

Representative from Enterprise Ireland, Salihin Group, Ambank Group Berhad, S P Setia Berhad, Siemens PLM, Shining 3D, NTUC LearningHub, Singapore National Employers Federation, Department of Information and Communications Technology (The Philippines), and Korea Productivity Center were present to join hands on stage to officiate the prodigious initiative.

These organisations stand together to partake in the Kuala Lumpur Digital Skills Declaration to show their commitment to the continuous development of digital skills of the current and future workforce.

The representative from each organisation will work together and participate in knowledge sharing sessions with other stakeholders (including local authorities, education institutions and industry leaders) and to be updated on and stay relevant with the emerging Digital Transformation trends in Asia and in the world.

With a common mission, they will continue to develop tactical strategies and carry out structured activities to build a digitally agile workforce through standardisation, training and assessment, for employees and for society.

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