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Bridging Borders: Hassan’s Tale of Triumph Through ICDL

Meet Hassan Aden Issack, a multifaceted individual currently residing in Dadaab, Kenya. As a web developer, graphic designer, and social media manager, his interests span design, web development, volunteering, innovation, and programming. Hassan’s testimonial about his journey with ICDL is more than a story of technological proficiency; it’s an inspiring narrative of resilience and hope, …

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Unlocking the Future: Introducing the ICDL Blockchain Module

What Will You Learn? The Blockchain module covers essential topics, such as: Upon completion of the module, you will have a solid grasp of blockchain’s key principles, its practical applications, and its potential to transform various industries. Why Choose ICDL Insights? ICDL certification is internationally recognized by employers and institutions. The ICDL Insights modules, including …

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Embracing Blockchain in Today’s Workplace: Unlocking Opportunities and Transforming Professions

In the digital age, the concept of trust, security, and transparency has become paramount in business networks. Blockchain, a revolutionary technology that maintains a shared, distributed digital ledger, addresses these concerns, and has the potential to reshape industries. In this blog, we will explore why understanding blockchain is crucial in today’s workplace and identify the …

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Understanding the Importance of Emerging Technologies: ICDL Insights Programme Officially Launched in Asia

ICDL Asia officially launched ICDL Insights on 5 May 2021, a series of programmes focused on helping business managers to understand trending and emerging technologies. The first four modules of ICDL Insights programme: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are announced as the latest additions to our wide range of digital …

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ICDL Insights pilot class in Malaysia

ICDL Asia recently concluded a pilot class at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC)  with ICDL Insights.   The pilot class was conducted with 50 students and academic staff split into two groups, with one group taking ICDL Cloud Computing module and the other group taking ICDL Internet of Things module.  Based on the feedback from the participants in this pilot test, ICDL Asia can see that there is …

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