Islamic Society in Jordan offers ICDL certification through UNICEF-funded project

Marginalised and vulnerable young people in Jordan will be able to benefit from ICDL certification under a new agreement between Specto, which operates the ICDL programme in the country, and the Islamic Society in Jordan. The initiative will provide ICDL certification through the Makani (My Space) project, funded by UNICEF.


Makai is an integrated programme that links interventions in education, child protection, adolescent and youth engagement and participation. The Makani programme provides comprehensive services to marginalised and vulnerable children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years, and their caregivers, in a safe environment. UNICEF has developed Makani with key private sector stakeholders, humanitarian organisations and the government of Jordan, to provide the most vulnerable young people with access to demand-driven skills-building training programmes, and opportunities to apply their skills in the real world through youth-led projects and initiatives, with a specific and sustained focus on girls and women.

In the project’s first phase, Specto has accredited twelve ICDL test centres across the country and run train-the-trainer sessions with their staff.

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