ICDL Europe has positioned itself as a leading force in digital competence certification by seamlessly aligning with the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp). This strategic partnership ensures that individuals certified by ICDL not only receive international recognition for their digital skills but also adhere to the proficiency benchmarks established by European institutions. As a key player in shaping digital skills crucial for work, learning, leisure, and societal participation, ICDL’s integration with DigComp underscores its commitment to fostering a digitally competent society.

The programme’s impact extends beyond international standards, resonating with European governments that have embraced ICDL as an essential tool in advancing their digital literacy agendas. The flexibility of the ICDL programme allows governments to seamlessly integrate it into national strategies, acting as a catalyst for achieving overarching goals related to digital inclusion, economic growth, and workforce development.

ICDL’s alignment with DigComp and its endorsement by European governments solidify its pivotal role in advancing digital competence across the continent. As ICDL continues to empower individuals, its contributions to national digital strategies address the evolving demands of the digital landscape, positioning ICDL as a key player in shaping the future of Europe’s digital workforce.

ICDL’s influence is evident in various European nations, such as France, where the certification is mapped to the French National Register of Professional Qualifications (CPF). This adaptability allows French employees and job seekers to access funding for building digital skills across all professional domains.

In Italy, the recognition of ICDL by the Ministry of Education as the official standard for evaluating computer skills highlights its significance in the country’s education system. The agreement emphasizes the promotion of ICT skills certification, excellence validation, and multimedia project realization.

In Ireland, ICDL certification serves as an exemption towards QQI awards within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), showcasing its value in facilitating educational progress for post-primary students pursuing Further Education and Training. ICDL’s collaborations with national frameworks across Europe emphasize its commitment to fostering digital competence and solidify its position as a cornerstone in the region’s digital education landscape.

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Meet the ICDL Europe team

Your ICDL Europe team is based in Brussels and Dublin. Our Brussels headquarters are in the heart of the European district, supporting our policy advocacy work. We are part of ICDL Foundation, the global governing body for ICDL. We work with partners across Europe, Americas and MENA (Middle-East and Northern Africa) territories and also directly manage a network of test centres in several countries.

ICDL Europe

Rue des Colonies 11
1000 Brussels

Tel: +353 1 237 7797


ICDL Europe (ICDL Foundation Headquarters)

Level 1, The Chase, Arkle Road,
Sandyford, Dublin, D18Y3X2, Ireland

Tel: +353 1 237 7797


Contact Us – Europe
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General Manager
Linda Keane

As the General Manager of ICDL Europe, Linda Keane orchestrates the seamless delivery of ICDL services, working in collaboration with an extensive team and partners across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa to ensure the effective implementation and expansion of ICDL’s initiatives and impact.

Market Development Manager

Claudia Delaney

In overseeing the Irish market, Claudia brings her wealth of expertise to facilitate your seamless integration into the ICDL family, customizing certification solutions to precisely meet the unique learning requirements of your students, Claudia is dedicated to maximizing the benefits derived from the comprehensive array of ICDL programs.

Market Development Manager
Lucia Mancini

In her role, Lucia plays a pivotal role in providing robust support to existing ICDL test centers in both Spain and Portugal, leveraging her expertise to ensure their ongoing success. Beyond this, she is passionately engaged in the strategic growth of the ICDL partner network across the entire Iberian Peninsula, fostering collaborative relationships and advancing the reach and impact of ICDL in the region.

Marketing and Communications Manager
David Jackman

As the Marketing and Communications Manager for ICDL Europe, David spearheads the implementation of dynamic marketing campaigns while offering invaluable support and resources in marketing and communication to ICDL Accredited Test Centers.

Partner Support Specialist

Colm O’Hara

As Partner Support Specialist, Colm provides exceptional assistance to our Accredited Test Centres, ensuring seamless integration of ICDL programs. He is responsible for addressing inquiries, offering guidance on certifications, and fostering positive relationships. His dedication ensures our partners thrive in delivering high-quality digital competence solutions.

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