Engaging ICDL Partners in Kenya  

In mid-November, The ICDL Africa team in Kenya engaged ATC Coordinators and representatives in a series of meetings.

The objectives of these meetings were to engage partners in open discussions relating to their experiences throughout the year, plans and strategies for the coming year(2023) as well as various ways in which ICDL Kenya can support their initiatives. 

During the discussions, a key question was on how the public sector in Kenya can take up ICDL certification. It was agreed that ATCs need to expand their marketing reach and engage government, public and private sector players to embrace digital literacy and certify in ICDL. The partners also agreed that they need to position themselves to take advantage of the government’s keenness on developing skills for a digital economy in Kenya. 

From the round table conversations, it emerged that if institutions can accept the integration of ICDL in their various curriculums, acceptance of ICDL in the Kenyan market will increase. Some partners have made ICDL mandatory for their students to graduate and this was applauded as a good way to increase uptake of ICDL and boost business performance.

In attendance for the meetings conducted so far, were coordinators and representatives from more than 20 ATCs.

Increasingly, employers within the country are using ICDL certification as the benchmark of digital literacy for potential employees. There is a great opportunity for ICDL partners in various sectors to position themselves as key training and certification providers for ICDL. In support of this, the ICDL Kenya team strives to support its partners in marketing initiatives, business support and technical support. 

It is hoped that through this ongoing series of meetings with various partners, business relations will be made stronger as we work towards a common goal in ensuring the visibility of ICDL and its recognition as the country’s standard for digital literacy. 

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