DANSK IT initiative sees Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition Denmark formed

DSJC Denmark, the Danish national coalition affiliated to the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition was launched in February 2019. The coalition aims to improve digital competences in the country.

In 2018, DANSK IT was approved as the official Danish partner of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The coalition was formed on the initiative of the Digital Literacy Committee of DANSK IT.

The aim of the EU-sponsored coalition is to bring together a wide range of interdisciplinary stakeholders in the Danish digital area, and to coordinate and develop new initiatives to strengthen digital competences in Denmark and share knowledge with the other European coalitions.

National coalitions for digital skills and jobs are active in a number of EU countries and link with the EU’s wider Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as a way of connecting key actors on building digital competences and reducing the digital skills gap in employment.

More information can be found on the LinkedIn page of the coalition.

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