ATFormation trains the teams of Fac-similé Grand Sud (CANON group)

With 10 years of experience in digital skills training through PCIE (ICDL France), ATFormation has extensive knowledge of the challenges of the training market. Its customers include major companies like Fac-Similé Grand Sud, a subsidiary of CANON.

The company has undertaken staff training for nearly 80 employees, funded by AGEFOS PME. Fac-Similé Grand Sud CEO, Stéphane Lafleur, took part in a short interview with ICDL France.

ICDL France: Hello Mr Lafleur, can you give us a quick presentation of Fac-Similé?

Stéphane Lafleur: Fac-Similé Grand Sud is one of the seven subsidiaries of CANON France. After 35 years of existence, it is still experiencing a high level of growth (+15% turnover in 2018) and accompanies its customers in the implementation of printing strategies, information sharing and paperless-working at a time of digital transformation.

ICDL France: In terms of human capital and training, what are the challenges you face today?

SL: It was paramount that the workforce, which is essential to us, has the skills to ensure an excellent level of productivity and to be comfortable with the digital tools used on a daily basis. Whether in the context of conducting business studies, preparing a commercial proposal or writing a response to a call for tenders, the workplace skills of our salespeople are very often in demand. As such, almost all of our salespeople have taken this training.

Finally, our company is a network that extends today across a geographical area in France ranging from Bouches-du-Rhône to the Pyrénées-Orientales. It was necessary to homogenise the skill levels across our agencies to allow all our teams to operate with the same efficiency, on the same processes, wherever they are.

ICDL France: Has the training that was put in place for your employees addressed these concerns?

SL: The training action was perfectly organised and also very well targeted our needs. We are already seeing real productivity gains within our teams. Our company’s employees actively participated in the training sessions. I have followed it myself and this has also been an opportunity for me to refresh some of my knowledge.

ICDL France: This training action seems to have borne fruit. Will it continue in 2019?

SL: Yes, indeed, this training action continues in 2019, notably with the Image Editing and Online Collaboration modules. It is important for us to now strengthen the marketing function within our company to enable it to address the challenges of digital communication.

We have recently hired people exclusively in charge of digital and social networks, to better communicate about the overall supply of our products, customer satisfaction or our quality of service.

ICDL France: What does it mean for you and your employees to get a certificate like ICDL?

Attaining ICDL certification at the end of the training was indeed motivating. We also took the opportunity to celebrate with our employees the achievement of ICDL certification. More broadly, the training action was positive for the company and its productivity but was also very well perceived by our colleagues.

49 participants have so far been trained and have passed ICDL certification tests with an average score of 84.38% (30 points above the national average). We would like to thank Sylvie Delanerie, Director of ATFormation, for the organisation of this training, as well as Mr Lafleur, CEO of the Réseau Fac-Similé Grand Sud, for his confidence and testimony, and above all to congratulate all of the participants.

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