ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2019

The third ICDL Asia Digital Challenge Grand Final took place from 10 – 12 September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 20 finalists from 9 countries, including Bhutan, China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam participated in the competition this year.


Business & Finance track
Nguyen Thu Huyen from Vietnam

Design & Engineering track
Passara Chanchotisatien from Thailand


Secondary School Category:
1st Place        Passara Chanchotisatien (Thailand)

2nd Place       Zhu Yunfan (China)

3rd Place       Conlu, Alaric Justin Jacob (Philippines)

Tertiary School Category:
1st Place        Wee Wen Bin (Singapore)

2nd Place       Li Xiaoya (China)

3rd Place       Muhammad Taufiq (Malaysia)


Secondary School Category:
1st Place        Liang Jing (China)

2nd Place       Sunchai Samart (Thailand)

3rd Place       Ravindran Sibishan (Sri Lanka)

Tertiary School Category:
1st Place        Nguyen Thu Huyen (Vietnam)

2nd Place       Tshelthrim Dorji (Bhutan)

3rd Place       Giorgio Armani Gonzales Magno (Philippines)

ICDL Asia would like to thank our partners and sponsors for the competition:
University of Malaya, Siemens PLM, PSI, WebScience and Shining 3D

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