Tech Career Advice 101: Alibaba Cloud and Siemens – Sign up for DC2022 now!

Alibaba Cloud and Siemens, two of our leading sponsors of the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022, will deliver the first-ever ICDL Asia virtual career advice session in August 2022.

This unique opportunity will only be offered exclusively to all ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 grand finalists.

Through this session, we aim to spark students’ interest in the tech industry and learn how digital skills are critical in the modern workplace.

This also enables aspiring students to connect and learn directly from representatives of Alibaba Cloud and Siemens, understanding what goes behind the scenes of large tech companies.

The ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 is an annual student competition targeted at Secondary and Tertiary school students in Asia who will compete and demonstrate how digital skills can be applied in this new digital economy.

The registration for ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2022 is still open – so hurry to register now at or an ICDL test centre near you.

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