Policies & Publications

ICDL has published many white papers, articles and policy documents.

Recognitions and references

ICDL has been recognised around the world and referenced in reports by governments and international organisations.


ICDL works with a number of partners and organisations active in digital skills in Europe and beyond.

DigComp and ICDL

ICDL modules are aligned to DigComp, the EU’s digital competence framework. Find out what this means on our dedicated DigComp page.

Perception and reality of digital skills

Our ‘Perception & Reality’ report brings together the results of research into self-perception of digital skills, and the reality, measured with a practical test.

More about ICDL and policy

Digital skills in school

We need a comprehensive digital education for every school pupil. When digital skills are becoming ever more crucial to all areas of life, from work and learning, to social inclusion, there can be no excuse for leaving anyone behind.

ICDL has published several position papers and articles about digital skills in school.

Qualifications frameworks, like the European Qualifications Framework, make it easy to compare qualifications and certifications from different countries with each other. International qualifications, such as ICDL, can be mapped to National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs). In this way, they become officially recognised in different countries worldwide.

Cyber security

Cyber security is an increasingly important issue for all computer users. With our up-to-date Cyber Security module, we want to help people stay safe while using ICT. We support initiatives like Cybersecurity Month and Safer Internet Day.

Read our report looking at Cyber Security needs in private and professional life and highlighting the central role that skills play in helping people stay safe from increasingly sophisticated threats online.

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