NCET commences Teachers Training for Dell CSR Project in China

30 March 2021 signifies the launching of the online training programme for Chinese vocational school teachers of NCET-Dell “Upskill Future Workforce in Digital Economy”. This joint project is led by the China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) and Dell Technologies, and is supported by National Centre for Educational Technology (NCET). The launch event was attended by leaders from NCET, Dell, Jiangsu Provincial Officer for Educational Technology and teachers from more than 20 vocational schools.

Dell has chosen the ICDL programme as the solution for digital literacy for their global CSR project. Dell believes the cooperation will uplift the digital competency of Chinese vocational school teachers and students by adopting quality educational resources abroad.     

Ms Li Jianfen, the Deputy Chief of Jiangsu Provincial Office of Educational Technology stated that this project will become an important contributor to Chinese vocational school’s development. This development could become a role model in Jiangsu to lead and inspire other teachers. It is in line with the policy direction set by the Chinese government – ICT in Education 2.0 Action Plan.

Mr. Zhao Lin, the Director of Vocational Education Teaching Resources Division of NCET has emphasised the unique curriculum, teaching methodology and integrity of the ICDL programme in his recommendation to the vocational school teachers.

40 teachers from 20 Jiangsu vocational schools attended a 3-day long ICDL Digital Marketing module and completed certification examinations. The NCET-Dell “Upskill Future Workforce in Digital Economy” programme will sponsor a total of 2,500 students from 50 different vocational schools in China, after the first 100 teachers completing the teachers training. Schools from remote areas had also received computers from Dell China as a donation, in order to carry out the programme.

ICDL – The Digital Skills Standard

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