MISI University joins ICDL Asia as the newest ATC in Malaysia

ICDL Asia is delighted to welcome the Malaysia Institute of Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) University to join us as our newest Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Selangor, Malaysia!

MISI University was launched as a joint initiative between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the government of Malaysia in 2011. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in supply chain management and logistics. Established to become the supply chain thought leader in region, MISI University aims to constantly redefine the state-of-the-art of supply chain management theory and practice in Malaysia.

As we witness a huge digital transformation in the supply chain sector in Malaysia and globally, it is imperative for ICDL to support and prepare students to be future-ready.

In line with Malaysia’s digital transformation efforts, MISI University aims to work with ICDL to train and equip its students with critical digital skills to boost their employability and productivity.

Through this partnership, ICDL programmes will be offered to all logistics and supply chain students and professionals in Malaysia. Joining thousands of universities worldwide, MISI University has embedded ICDL programmes into its school’s curriculum to give its students the edge in the modern workplace.

At ICDL Asia, we are committed to support the logistics and supply chain sector in their digitalisation efforts. We will continue to work closely with more universities in Malaysia to uplift the digital competencies of students and working professionals.

To learn more about MISI University, visit https://www.misi.edu.my/.

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