ICDL Sri Lanka and Gateway Schools Successfully Host Inter-School Robotics Competition in Sri Lanka

Colombo, 2024 – In a bid to cultivate digital innovation and technological proficiency among students in Sri Lanka, ICDL Sri Lanka has recently partnered with Gateway Schools to host the highly anticipated Inter-School Robotics Competition and STEAM Activity Day. This engaging event provided a platform for over 500 children to immerse themselves in various exciting activity, sparking their curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. 

The Robotics Competition, organised by Gateway School of Computing in collaboration with ICDL Sri Lanka, saw enthusiastic participation from teams representing national, international, and private schools across all provinces of the country. Designed to promote Robotics and STEM education, the competition offered students hands-on experience in designing and constructing programmable robots capable of completing designated tasks. 

As the pioneering Accredited ICDL test centre in Sri Lanka, Gateway Group incorporates ICDL certifications into its lower secondary IT curriculum. Offering a comprehensive range of ICDL modules, including ICDL Robotics, AI, and Computing, Gateway’s IT training centers empower students with essential digital skills. 

During the competition day, Hon. (Dr.) Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education of Sri Lanka, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, commending Gateway’s leadership for their dedication to fostering Robotics education among school children. He emphasised the importance of STEAM education in extending beyond the classroom, encouraging learners to engage in practical, action-oriented pursuits. 

The competition showcased exciting competition in both junior and senior categories with students and schools exhibited remarkable talent and innovation. Badulla Central College emerged triumphant in the senior category, while Gateway College Negombo emerged as the Champion in the junior category. Additionally, special recognition was accorded to teams with the most innovative robot designs and the ‘best girl-powered team,’ with all winners receiving valuable vouchers as recognition from ICDL Sri Lanka. 

With the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education’s plan to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into school curricula by 2024, focusing on robotics, machine learning, and related technologies, ICDL Sri Lanka believes this initiative will elevate the country’s educational standards to international benchmarks. This initiative aligns with the United Nations’ 4th Sustainable Development Goal agenda, contributing to a brighter future for Sri Lanka’s youth. 

The Inter-School Robotics Competition and STEAM Activity Day not only foster a spirit of innovation and collaboration but also underscored the importance of equipping students with the necessary digital skills to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. Such initiatives will shape a generation of young innovators and problem-solvers poised to lead Sri Lanka success in the digital age. 

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