With the objective of analysing the level of digital skills in Mexico, ICDL Americas conducted a series of surveys at the Book Fair of León in the León Poliforum. The aim was to gather information in relation to the levels of ICT knowledge and skills in three different groups of the population: students, workers and teachers.

These surveys were intended to compare the self-perceived knowledge level (the level that the individual claims to possess) with the level of actual knowledge based on the results of practice questions.

The survey methodology was based on first asking the participants to reflect on their level of self-perceived knowledge in a number of different ICT areas, followed by a series of practice questions that tested the respondent’s knowledge in those areas.

Similar to other studies done by ICDL Foundation, the outcome showed that there is a big difference between the results of self-perceived knowledge and practice questions, which means there is an extensive gap between what they think they know, and what they actually know. All the respondents showed little knowledge in the practice questions yet rank themselves as reasonably skilled computer users.

Given the vast opportunities created by information and communications technology, both in education and at work, digital skills should be considered essential. It is important to note that people are not reaching their full potential just because they use ICT daily. A lot of work remains to be done in the development of digital skills to actually achieve the goals of inclusion, development and productivity.

Download the report here (In Spanish)

More information is available on the Spanish website of ICDL Americas.

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